Future Events

  • Qualification Tournament
    Exciting news! We’ve received a special invitation to participate in the “Open Air Mannschaftsblitzturnier,” a captivating open-air blitz tournament featuring chess clubs from our neighboring areas. We have the opportunity to send a team of four players to compete against opponents from other clubs. To determine who will represent us, we will be organizing a small chess tournament. Further details regarding both the qualification tournament and the Open Air event can be found […]
  • Casual Games
    Between tournaments, you can join one of our casual OTB events every second Tuesday of the semester from 6 pm to 9 pm in HG E 33.1. It is a great way to improve your chess skills and socialize within the ETH chess community. Our events are open to everyone and feature players of all levels, so don’t hesitate and come see us 🙂 The following dates are 28.03, 11.04 (HG E 41), […]
  • Swiss Team Battle
    Every second Tuesday of the month, Chess clubs from all over Switzerland compete in this online blitz tournament. The competition is held on lichess using arena rules. Sign up, join our lichess team, play your best chess and help us advance to the next higher league! As only the best three players count towards the result, there is no harm in participating just to improve your skills.