General Passed Events

November Tournament

After our first tournament a few weeks ago, we organized a second tournament for chess lovers at ETH on Tuesday. On this chilly evening, it was great to see about 30 players gather around in a transformed seminar room for playing 8 rounds of good old chess.

What time was it? Game time.

The first rounds seemed to be business as usual for our top player Noah and many might have thought he was heading to another clear win of the tournament. But this déjà-vu feeling was soon interrupted in the third round when his brother Jan got the best of him. All cards where shuffled when Mateo topped Jan in the fourth round. Mateo continued his invincibility until the sixth round, where he finally succumbed to … Noah. This lead to a thrilling end of tournament with 3 players scoring 5 points out of 6. After two more round, only half a Buchholtz could separate the top two players and Noah managed to take the win again.

Kudos to all players and we hope you all had fun!

The final standings.

Despite many hurdles (booking of the room, making the gathering acknowledge/accepted by ETH, carrying 24 chess around Zürich, …), we’re super happy to be able to offer such (free) tournaments and hope to do so more often next semester. Special thanks to Thomas who organized most of the tournament and Yves who directed it. Thanks to ASK Réti too who graciously loaned us the boards.

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Passed Events

Chess Variants w/ GECo

On the 3rd of December, between 13:00 and 22:00, come join the GECo (Gaming and Entertainment Community at ETH) on their Board Game Days for a lot of board games fun!

In addition to the (huge) collection of games that GECo proposes, SKETHZ will introduce a few chess variants (chess960, tandem chess, tempête sur l’échiquier, condi-chess,…) to make people discover chess from a new perspective. So if you want to experience chess in a new way and enjoy other boardgames, this is the perfect opportunity to do it!

You can join and leave whenever you want, no registration needed and it’s only 5.-

If you want to participate at one of our events you have to comply to the Coronavirus measures of ETH Zurich. That means you need to have a valid COVID certificate and need to wear a mask at all times.
More information here.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Passed Events

Our first OTB meetup

After long months of online chess, we finally got the opportunity to play over the board and meet in person.

About 16 players showed up to play this mini tournament.

On Tuesday 28.09.2021 we held a small chess tournament at ETH. The 16 players that showed up where of very different levels (from beginner to FM) but all found players to their level and enjoyed the 7-round blitz tournament (5+3, swiss system). Congratulations to Noah for winning without losing a single game and only drawing once 😵 !

Thanks to everybody that tuned in, especially to Philipp who booked a room for us despite the spontaneity of the event. We’re looking forward to organising further similar (free) events during this semester.

Final ranking. The top 3 players received a small prize.