Schachklub ETHZ

Have you ever wanted to play chess against your fellow students? Play over-the-board instead of endless online games against opponents you don’t know? We are here for just that! As the ETH Chess club, we organize regular chess evening and tournaments where you are welcome to play and enjoy the game of chess 🙂 Check out our upcoming events to see what is coming up! We also use our WhatsApp Community extensively to give updates on events (join the chats for Zürich and Basel to get updates for either location)!

Our events take place in both Zurich and Basel, usually during the evening. We organize around three tournaments each semester along with classes and a weekly casual chess evening, where you can come anytime and play some casual games. More information about our events can be found on our upcoming events page.

You can stay up-to-date by visiting our website, subscribing to our newsletter or joining our WhatsApp community, where we post all event updates.

Registration for casual evenings is not necessary, you can just come whenever you want. For tournaments, we require registration. The registration link will always be available on our upcoming events page.

All our events are free of charge.

You can! Even though we mainly target ETH students, anyone is welcome to join our events.

We love to receive feedback of any form, we even created a specific form for this purpose where you can (anonymously) leave us your feedback!

Yes! We are always looking for motivated people wanting to help us out with the setup of tournaments or other administrative tasks. If you want to help shape the future of our club, feel free to reach out so we can discuss this!