About Us

The founding of the ETH Chess Club was initiated when we organized the first Polychamps in 2021, which is a chess tournament against EPFL  (we won :)). Afterwards, our club was founded in September 2021 and we organized the first OTB tournament not much later. Since then, we have organized regular tournament and casual chess evenings. Ever since our inception we kept growing and we now attract over 40 people for the tournaments we organize!

We wouldn’t have been able to do this without our team, who spend their free time in order to make all of this happen and have made the chess club into what it is now. If you want to join our amazing team and help out here and there, you can always contact us!

Thomas Allard

Hi, I’m Thomas, the president of SKETH. I’m currently doing my PhD in applied mathematics at ETH. Come to our events and I’ll be glad to play a game or two (or ten) with you 😉

Ana Marija Vego

Hi, I'm Ana Marija, a math master student at ETH, and I'm the vice president of the club. Apart from numbers, I enjoy painting, sports involving a racket and sleeping. My favorite chess opening is the Tennison gambit, Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Variation.

Jasper Dekoninck

Hi all :))) I am currently the treasurer of the chess club and have been playing chess since I was 6! Apart from loving the chess game, I also dance, play badminton and, oh yeah, do some Data Science at ETH on the side. Currently I am in my final semester and hoping to start a PhD next year 🙂 My favorite opening is the Stafford Gambit, just because I like Eric Rosen.

Robert Veres

Hello, I'm Robert, the current secretary of SKETH and a CS Msc student. The b in my name is short for "bullet" (or sometimes blunder but sshhttt). That's because it's always "one more" bullet game that I need before I can start studying. My favorite opening technique is to put the key inside the door and turn it clockwise.

Mateo Rodríguez Polo

Hi, I am Mateo. I am a Master's student in Mathematics at ETH. I also play for Reti Chess Club in the National leagues. Despite my nationality, I embarrassingly do not like playing the white side of the Spanish opening, and prefer closer systems. My favourite players are Capablanca and Rubinstein.