Bring a friend Casual

Date and time: Wednesday 20/09/2023
Location: HG E41

Join us for an exciting chess event – our “Bring a Friend” Chess Casual! This event offers something for everyone, whether you’re an absolute beginner who’s never touched a chess piece or a budding enthusiast looking to sharpen your skills. Aside from the usual casual play, which will still take place we offer some additional classes for people that want to!

Event Highlights:

Casual Chess Play: Feel free to drop by and enjoy casual chess games with fellow enthusiasts. Test your skills, experiment with strategies, and enjoy your games!

Absolute Beginner Class (18:15-19:00): If you’re starting from scratch and need to learn the basics, we’ve got you covered. Our friendly instructors will walk you through the fundamentals step by step. Registration below!

Beginner Class (19:15-20:00): For those who know the rules but are not or barely familiar with terms like pin, mating patterns, pawn structure etc, our instructor will guide you through strategies, tactics, and help you level up your game. Registration below!