Easter Tournament

On Tuesday 13th of April, we gathered for a laid-back tournament in the HG. With a time control of 5+3, we manage to squeeze seven rounds that evening. But it seems that wasn’t quite enough to decide a clear winner as two players finished on top with six points. However, with Bucholz as tie-breaker, Thomas leaped before Ritvik to take first place. The two leaders where followed by Yun Pan (5), Jonas (4.5) and Anna (4). Congrats to all the players and thanks for participating!

By the way if you’re reading this, what type of tournament would you like to play next? Longer time control, more rounds, more at stake (like the ETH champion title?)… tell us on instagram or at via email at skethz@ethz.ch
See you next time around !
(Spoiler: Polychamps incoming)