Polychamps IV Qualification

Today, our first tournament of the semester took place, and what an event it was! We were joined by 44 participants in a high-stakes competition. The top three players, along with the highest-ranking woman, earned a spot for the upcoming Polychamps match against EPFL on November 11th. As the tournament started, all players had aspirations of securing these prized positions, but the fierce competitive atmosphere promised a challenging battle.

After five intense rounds, it became evident that the leading players were evenly matched, with no one achieving a perfect score. The top four contenders all had 4.5 out of 5 points. However, only three of them could claim the qualification spots. The sixth round added an extra layer of excitement as Vincent and Theo emerged victorious against Oliver and Anton. This set the stage for a thrilling race for third place, as Anton, Jan, Oliver, and Thomas were separated by a mere 0.5 points.

Ultimately, the outcome hinged on the final round, where Jan and Thomas lost while both Oliver and Anton emerged victorious. Despite having drawn against Anton, Oliver secured the third-place position due to a slightly superior tie-breaker. Vincent and Theo, each with an impressive 6.5 out of 7 points and having only drawn against each other, got the top spots, with Vincent holding a slightly higher tie-breaker.

Meanwhile, Sofia distinguished herself by claiming the title of the best woman with a score of 4 out of 7, while her closest competitors, Ana and Siri, both finished with 3 out of 7 points.

Congratulations to all our participants, and we hope you all enjoyed the event! Below, you’ll find the complete rankings along with a selection of photographs captured during this tournament.

Rank NameRating Score Buc1 BucT
1Vincent Lou21006.53033
2Theo Stijve23376.53032
3Oliver Angst21305.52931
4Anton Hul20005.527.530.5
5Thomas Allard2000527.530.5
6Maximilian Hofer210152730
7Mustafa Batuhan Iliev2100525.527.5
8Jan Selinga196152426
9Daniel Paleka180852325
10David Olival Ferreira18004.52022
11Yun Pan2135428.531.5
12Jingqui Ding2000428.531.5
13Hongwei Zheng184042829.5
14Anton Künzi1870426.529.5
15Emilio Grandinetti150042426
16Andrin Joos1700423.525.5
17Sofia Li1300423.525.5
18Raphael Steiner185042325
19Robert Nissler170042022
20Nick Corsin160042021.5
21Jacopo Bottoni15003.523.524.5
22Patrick Bruderer15943.522.524
23Milos Bondi17003.519.520.5
24Ana Marija Vego1800325.528.5
25Frehner Thomas1500325.526.5
26Garry Hoppeler2000323.525.5
27Simon von Siebenthal130032325
28Serge Frei160032224
29Siri Anna Prüssner1453320.521.5
30Joshua Müller120032022
31Kevin Wu170032021.5
32Martin Soldani140031920
33Vlad Ciuleanu170031718.5
34Francesco Naccarato175022426
35Yann Spillmann130022326
36Marcus Imris170022223
37Simone Sanchi1700221.523
38Paul Schlossmacher170022122
39Himank Saxena1453218.519.5
40Manuel Iglesias Alonso120021718
41Max Rieder120021516
42Ahmad Mahmood13001.515.516.5
43Sebastian Schwaiger10001.51415
44Jack Miller85011516