Easter Tournament

Today was the third Easter Tournament our Chess Club organised, and as usual for these tournaments the prize were very cute (and delicious) chocolate bunnies. However, in contrast to all our previous tournaments, we had additional prizes for the Underdog (most unexpected tournament performance) and the Beater-of-Odds (most unexpected game win/draw). These prizes are a sneak peak towards an internal ETH rating system that we are currently developing and will hopefully make public soon 🙂

33 players were present today to fight for those cute little bunnies and take home the prizes. Our two favorites Theo and Vincent, who both won a tournament before, started well. They managed to secure a perfect score in the first three rounds. Only Yun – another strong and known contender – and Darius – a new player – could manage to follow their example. As Theo managed to beat Vincent in the fourth round and Yun prevailed over Darius, we were left with only two players with a perfect score as we entered the break.

While the fifth round seemed to become the decisive round for our tournament tonight, the game between Yun and Theo ended in a draw, making the competition for the winner of the night more fierce with 6 players still left in the running. The sixth round contained several further surprises, with Anton managing to beat Theo and another draw between Yun and Vincent. The final round was going to be decisive with 5 players who could still get that top spot.

Of the three players with 5/6 in the last round – Anton, Nam-Khang and Yun – only Yun managed to win. In doing so, he secured first place and an excellent tournament performance. Theo and Vincent both managed to win their games in the last round and thus completed the top three.

But who won the prize for Underdog and Beater-of-Odds? Well, Anton’s excellent win against Theo in the fifth round ensured his win of the Beater-of-Odds award: our system only associated a 6% probability of this happening! The Underdog of the day was Kenny Lay: he managed to snatch away the 11th place, while he ended 28th in hist last tournament. Our system only estimated a 1% change of this major improvement happening, congrats Kenny!

Below you can find some pictures and the full ranking of the tournament. We hope you all enjoyed it and we wish you a happy Easter!

RankNameScoreBuchholzBuchholz Cut 1
1Yun Pan6.032.029.0
2Theo Stijve5.534.530.5
3Vincent Christien5.531.528.5
4Anton Künzi5.031.028.0
5Nam-Khang Nguyen5.029.527.5
6Nicolas Piro5.029.026.0
7Jasper Dekoninck5.028.026.0
8Davide Filice5.024.522.5
9Giacomo Colombo4.027.024.5
10Ramon Alhambra4.026.524.5
11Kenny Lay4.026.024.5
12Kevin Wu4.025.023.5
13Tim Vaughan-Whitehead4.025.023.0
14Ana Marija Vego4.024.522.5
15Mert Unsal4.024.022.0
16Batuhan Tömekçe4.023.522.0
17Nicolas Kowenski3.521.519.5
18Darius Mathis3.031.528.0
19Max Witt3.029.026.0
20David Gu3.024.524.0
21Damien Desfontaines3.023.522.0
22Giorgs Cechladze3.023.521.5
23Marco froelich3.023.021.5
24Mirco Paul3.022.521.0
25Jonas He3.022.021.5
26Vladislav Koshelev3.017.016.5
27Oliviero Torricelli2.520.019.5
28Cedric Weidmann2.517.016.5
29Nicola Kong2.022.520.5
30Alexandre Nozadze2.021.019.5
31Dario Monopoli2.019.518.0
32Nicolas Lanfranconi2.017.016.5
33Gabriele Pedrazzi1.015.514.5