Hand-and-Brain Tournament

We were very happy to see that 38 people, spread over 19 teams, joined us today for our first chess variant tournament we ever organized! It was our first hand-and-brain tournament and a very successful one at that! Goal of the tournament: having fun, everything else (yes, even winning) was secondary 🙂

Therefore, rather than focusing on the exciting matches between our top players, I rather focus on other, more important things. Best team name for example. While ‘Hmmmmmm’ got me confused for a second and I love the word play in ‘Knightmare’, I think the most creative team name of the night is definitely… ‘Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru’. For those of us not familiar with the Japanese language (but of course, everyone definitely is), this essentially means “You Are Already Dead”. Definitely not a team I would want to face…

What I especially enjoyed in this tournament was the after-game talk. In normal tournaments the winner usually points out where the other went wrong, which, while informative, is not always the most pleasant experience 😛 Now, however, discussion more often than not happened between team mates, who trying to figure out what the other was thinking, which in turn led to a lot of ‘Ooh, that was what you were thinking’-moments. Overall, this lead to a more social environment which I very much liked.

I hope you enjoyed our tournament as well! Of course, there is still a ranking which you can find below. See you hopefully at our ETH Chess Championship!

Rank Name Score BH BH-C1
1Duplex 5.5 21.0 18.5
2Interstellar 4.5 22.0 20.5
3BlunderBusters 4.0 23.0 20.5
4Darken Lama 4.0 20.5 19.0
5Scholar’s Mate 4.0 20.0 18.0
6TT 4.0 17.5 17.0
7Dragons 3.5 17.5 16.0
8Knightmare 3.5 17.5 15.5
9Mate Mates 3.0 22.0 19.5
10Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru 3.0 21.5 20.0
11Hmmmmmm 3.0 17.0 15.5
12Spillmann-Müller 3.0 15.5 15.0
13Coffee Break 3.0 15.0 14.5
14Seebachbrains 2.5 19.5 18.0
15Runge-Kutta 2.5 15.5 14.0
16Bruderreis 2.0 16.5 16.0
17Stickfosh 2.0 16.0 14.0
18NoBrainerElites 2.0 14.0 13.5
19Check Mates 1.0 13.5 12.5