ETH Chess Championship 2024

What a day! 62 players joined us today for an amazing tournament on a sunny and beautiful day 🙂 9 rounds of chess would decide who could bring home the titles of ETH Chess King and Queen. One thing was certain: it was not going to be easy to win this tournament. No less than 10 players with a FIDE Rating of 2000 or higher were contending for victory today, showcasing the high level of the tournament. After a brief introduction, the first round started and the clocks started ticking. All players had just one goal in mind: become the ETH Chess Champion.

It is at this point that I usually mention in these reports that our favorites win the first few rounds and quickly continue to the more exciting later rounds. The high level in this tournament does not permit me to do so in this case 😮 In the first round, our previous ETH Chess Queen Anna got beaten by a very strong new player: Pau Juan. In the second round, the winner of last tournament, Yun, was defeated by a strong Anton De Ruig. This exceptional victory immediately gained Anton the Beater-off-Odds award for winning a game that our rating system did not expect at all. Congrats Anton!

Round three followed with some exciting games between very strong players. On the first board, Theo beat Vincent Lou and both our previous ETH Chess King Kirill and another of our tournament winners, Vincent Christien, drew their games. Round four continued this series of strong players playing each other: Batu managed to beat Theo on the first board. Just like that only two players – Anton Hul and Batu – remained with all their points. A player a bit down the line deserves special attention here as well: Joshua had an excellent score of 3/4, outperforming his results achieved in our previous tournaments. He would eventually win our Underdog award for most surprising performance!

Would the fifth round be decisive? Anton and Batu played each other on the first board and could gain sole lead in the tournament… Fate, however, decided otherwise as they drew their game. Going into the break, 9 (!) players were still within 0.5 points of each other and nobody was certain about their spot. Round 6 and 7 further emphasized the high level of the tournament: none of those 9 players achieved a perfect score in these two games… This further leveled the field, with the only exception that Anton Hul was now the sole leader with 6/7.

Round 8 and 9 were going to be decisive. Theo recovered after his earlier loss against Batu and managed to beat Anton Hul in the eight round. Now Theo suddenly was sole leader, with 6 players following him only 0.5 points behind. Nothing was decided, and even Theo could not draw his last game to secure his tournament victory because of a lower tie-breaking score than the other players. However, he kept his cool and won the last game against Thomas. The new ETH Chess King was born. Congrats Theo! Anna managed to end shared fifth with 6/9 and therefore successfully defended her title of ETH Chess Queen. Congrats Anna!

Below you can find a list of all prizes with the players that won them 🙂

  • ETH Chess King: Theo Stijve
  • ETH Chess Queen: Anna Adzic
  • Silver Medallist: Anton Hul
  • Bronze Medallist: Vincent Lou
  • Best Non-ETH Player: Pau Juan Bartroli
  • Underdog: Joshua Müller
  • Best U2000: Michael Zeller
  • Best U1750: Yasin Yuece
  • Best U1500: Ahmad Mahmood
  • Beater-of-Odds: Anton De Ruig

Before I end this note, I will quickly comment on our introduction of the Polyrating: our very own rating system. We will be extending this system over the next months and provide detailed descriptions on how we exactly calculate this 🙂 For now: we have included the tournament performance computed with this system in the final ranking. This ranking you can find below along with pictures below!

Thank you for joining everyone! See you next time!

1Theo Stijve7.550.547.52239
2Anton Hul7.054.049.02193
3Vincent Lou7.054.049.02172
4Mustafa Batuhan Iliev6.549.546.52093
5Kirill Zaitsev6.053.550.52086
6Thomas Allard6.052.548.52055
7Pau Juan Bartroli6.052.047.52041
8Vincent Christien6.050.046.01987
9Yun Pan6.049.046.01946
10Anton Künzi6.046.043.01883
11Michael Zeller6.044.542.51946
12Anna Adzic6.044.041.51707
13Hongwei Zheng6.042.539.51777
14Elia Steinfeld6.041.538.51660
15Markus Fasching5.548.545.51855
16Chaojie Li5.548.044.51869
17Fionn Smith5.543.040.51708
18Anselm Schönbächler5.541.038.51681
19Anton De Ruig5.541.038.01673
20Ruslan Shumilov5.047.542.51812
21Darius Mathis5.045.543.51678
22Alessandro Bruno5.045.041.51680
23Yasin Yuece5.043.540.51585
24Miguel Orbegozo Rodriguez5.041.038.01538
25Menderes Eroglu5.037.032.01683
26Felix Philipp5.035.533.51489
27Oliver Rutkowski5.035.533.51482
28Andreas Spanopoulos5.033.531.51398
29Lukas Lewark4.543.040.01567
30Ana Marija Vego4.541.539.01591
31Peter Feller4.539.036.51467
32Alexandre Terrail4.539.036.01505
33Dan Tecu4.538.536.01509
34Joshua Müller4.046.543.51531
35Vladislav Koshelev4.046.042.51575
36Mert Unsal4.044.541.51511
37Pau Gallardo4.040.037.01456
38Parth Kothari4.038.035.51415
39Javier Alego4.036.534.01409
40Ahmad Mahmood4.036.032.01383
41Yann Spillmann4.035.533.51336
42Christopher Narayanan4.035.533.01364
43Mirco Paul4.033.531.51321
44Alexandre Nozadze4.033.031.01280
45Shrey Mittal4.029.527.51220
46Hardik Shah3.538.536.51393
47Juan Garcia Amboage3.538.035.51407
48Ramon Alhambra3.531.529.51127
49Valters Jēkabs Zakrevskis3.042.540.51377
50Neryvaldo Galvao3.038.536.01308
51Brunel Altabba3.036.534.51269
52Kevin Wu3.036.034.01236
53Aurèle Huillet3.035.032.01220
54Doan Dai Nguyen3.034.531.51185
55Giorgs Cechladze3.033.531.01143
56Peter Karoly2.533.531.01085
57Nicola Kong2.532.530.51183
58Dario Monopoli2.532.530.51172
59Kenny Lay2.032.530.51237
60Fred Damberger2.029.527.51049
61Alexander Martinez Ciani2.026.024.01084
62Alessio Rimoldi0.021.521.5926