Upcoming events Zurich

Casuals: Both in Zurich and Basel, we organize regular casual chess events where you can just come and play, no strings attached! Our casuals take place between 18:15-21:00 on either Tuesday or Wednesday, almost always in HG E41.

Tournaments: In Zurich, we take chess to the next level with thrilling tournaments held every semester. Get ready for exciting competition and a chance to win cool prizes. Check out our past events to see what previous tournaments looked like! Our tournaments take place between 18:30-21:30 on either Tuesday or Wednesday, almost always in HG E41.

Classes: We also organize several classes throughout the semester for beginner players. If you are interested in following a class, you can find the entire schedule here! Sessions can be joined separately 🙂

Lichess Swiss Team Battle: Join our ranks and represent our chess community in the Lichess Swiss Team Battle. Every other Tuesday from 7:30-9 pm, we challenge other Swiss teams in an online tournament. Join our Lichess team and be part of the action!

Polychamps: Experience the ultimate university rivalry in the Polychamps tournament! Eight players from each university compete in OTB matches, while others clash in an online tournament. Be part of this live-streamed event and witness the battle for supremacy!

ETH Chess Championship: Claim the coveted title of ETH Champion in our yearly recurring tournament. With up to 80 players and a full day of chess, this championship is not to be missed. Join us for an unforgettable day of competitive chess!

Registration for all our events is on this linked page.