Past Events

  • ETH Chess Championship
    On Saturday, May 20th the first edition of the ETH Chess Championship took place in the Alumni Pavillon, with the titles of ETH Chess King and ETH Chess Queen at stake. This has been an exciting event with 73 participants. The competition was tough with no less than 5 titled players! Before the break, only two […]
  • Easter Tournament
    Right before the holiday break, 42 chess enthusiasts gathered together to play 7 rounds of high quality 5+3 blitz games. It was an intense battle with a clear podium separated from the rest of the field with 6 points each. Fittingly, Sinan, Daniel and Jan could take home a chocolate Easter bunny for their great […]
  • February Tournament
    We started the semester of with a very exciting tournament and we where happy to see more than 40 people enjoy the game of chess 🙂 We hope everyone enjoyed the experience and to see everybody next time!   The tournament stayed very thrilling in the end, with 5 people ending with a score of […]
  • Polychamps III
    With all the boards set up and all the players primed and ready, the third edition of Polychamps was carried out in the ETH Dozentenfoyer on Saturday, November 5th with a great view over the city of Zurich, the lake and the snowy mountains on the horizon. This also meant that for the first time […]
  • Polychamps III – Announcement
    We are glad to announce that the third installment of the battle against EPFL – the Polychamps – will take place again this semester on Saturday, November 5! It will be in a hybrid format: online and over the board. The online part will be a Lichess Blitz competition open to everyone as in previous […]
  • Polychamps Qualification Tournament
    To determine the players representing ETH at the third edition of Polychamps, we organized this qualification tournament. Starting at 18:30 on Tuesday, 11 October, we played 7 rounds of 5min+3sec Blitz games. With 25 boards ready to go, we were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of students ready to play. Amazingly, and tragically and the […]
  • Polychamps Qualification Tournament Announcement
    To determine the players representing ETH at the third edition of Polychamps, we will organize a qualification tournament. The team for the polychamps will consist of 8 players, 6 of which will be decided during this tournament the two remaining spots will be attributed as wildcards. The tournament will start at 18:30 on Tue. 11.10 […]
  • Swiss Team Battle October
    This month’s team battle started on October, 4th and was a great success! A total of 20 ETH players participated and helped to secure the win against the other 21 teams. Lead by the players Tubbie, Zebra_11 and hereticwasp, we could secure first place five points ahead of second place team SK Olten. If we […]
  • End of semester FS22 tournament
    To celebrate the end of the semester, we organized one last blitz tournament on the 31 of May in the HG. As the first players joined in and registered for the tournament, they proceeded with a few warm up games. Soon though 24 players would have joined the tournament and everyone was ready to start. […]
  • Polychamps II
    Following last year’s success, we decided to reiterate the Polychamps, the annual chess confrontation between the EPFL and ETHZ. It took place on the 3rd of May 2022. The format was mostly the same a lichess team battle arena in 5’+3”. However, the number of participants was limited to 75 as we learnt from the […]
  • Easter Tournament
    On Tuesday 13th of April, we gathered for a laid-back tournament in the HG. With a time control of 5+3, we manage to squeeze seven rounds that evening. But it seems that wasn’t quite enough to decide a clear winner as two players finished on top with six points. However, with Bucholz as tie-breaker, Thomas […]
  • November Tournament
    After our first tournament a few weeks ago, we organized a second tournament for chess lovers at ETH on Tuesday. On this chilly evening, it was great to see about 30 players gather around in a transformed seminar room for playing 8 rounds of good old chess. The first rounds seemed to be business as […]
  • Chess Variants w/ GECo
    On the 3rd of December, between 13:00 and 22:00, come join the GECo (Gaming and Entertainment Community at ETH) on their Board Game Days for a lot of board games fun! In addition to the (huge) collection of games that GECo proposes, SKETHZ will introduce a few chess variants (chess960, tandem chess, tempĂŞte sur l’Ă©chiquier, […]
  • Our first OTB meetup
    After long months of online chess, we finally got the opportunity to play over the board and meet in person. On Tuesday 28.09.2021 we held a small chess tournament at ETH. The 16 players that showed up where of very different levels (from beginner to FM) but all found players to their level and enjoyed […]