Open Air Tournament

We were excited to be invited to the “Open Air Tournament,” an event featuring 16 chess clubs from the region. To determine the players who would represent SKETHZ at this team tournament, we organized one last tournament after the semester. Our games were timed at 5+0, which added to the excitement with lots of close calls and chess pieces flying all over the place.

One player, Matej Jusup, stood out amongst the rest. Winning all of his games, Matej emerged as the clear victor of the tournament with a 2-point lead on his closest competitor. The battle for the second place was intense as four players were still in contention in the final round. Ultimately, Yun Pan won his last match and secured the second spot ahead of Lorenzo Vettor who ended with the same score but a slightly lower tie break. Congratulations to our top three players!

The top three, along with Gioacchino Greber, represented our club at the Open Air Tournament. They showed some excellent gameplay and were able to secure the second spot in the group phase, putting us in a good position for the rest of the tournament. In the quarter-finals, we had to recognize our superiors in the team that ended up winning the tournament. However, our players were not intimidated by that one loss. In our final game for 5th place, we secured a win against the team that ended up first in our group phase! We are proud of our players and their excellent performance. Congratulations to everyone involved and we look forward to seeing you all next semester!

Rank NameRating Score Buc1 BucT
1Matej Jusup2400 7.0 26.5 28.5
2Yun Pan2145 5.0 27.5 29.5
3Lorenzo Vettor2200 5.0 24.5 25.5
4Lukas Oestmann2233 4.5 26.5 26.5
5Jan Černý1800 4.0 29.5 30.5
6Gary Hoppeler 0 4.0 25.5 25.5
7Daria Bangerter1800 4.0 21.0 21.0
8Federico Arangath1900 4.0 19.0 19.0
9Chamith Karannagodage 980 2.5 22.5 22.5
10Gioacchino Greber1891 2.0 26.0 26.0
11Raphaël Larisch 888 1.0 21.5 21.5
12Aurelio Sulser 0 0.0 21.0 22.0
14Jasper Dekoninck1850 0.0 16.5 17.5