Passed Events

End of semester FS22 tournament

To celebrate the end of the semester, we organized one last blitz tournament on the 31 of May in the HG.

As the first players joined in and registered for the tournament, they proceeded with a few warm up games. Soon though 24 players would have joined the tournament and everyone was ready to start.

It was Matej who started the tournament in a dominant manner with four wins in the same amount of games. We were already familiar with his skills and many of us might have already though the tournament win was his. However, we were all surprise to see him beaten in the fifth game against Henry who was the clear underdog as he had lost his first game. This unexpected win meant that five players (Matej, Henry, Markus, Ritvik and Vincent) where now tied with four points out of five.

The last two games were not enough to decide a winner and it had to come to the Buchholz points. It was Matej who got this extra help from his previous opponents and Henry got the second place, both with six points. Markus took third place thank to a good Buchholz. The final rankings are available at the below.

Thomas, our president left to the top 3 players: Henry, Matej and Markus.
Final rankings

We hope to see you next semester for new tournaments and events. Stay tuned, we’re cooking up pretty exciting stuff. In the mean time have nice holidays and gl for your exams!

Passed Events

Our first OTB meetup

After long months of online chess, we finally got the opportunity to play over the board and meet in person.

About 16 players showed up to play this mini tournament.

On Tuesday 28.09.2021 we held a small chess tournament at ETH. The 16 players that showed up where of very different levels (from beginner to FM) but all found players to their level and enjoyed the 7-round blitz tournament (5+3, swiss system). Congratulations to Noah for winning without losing a single game and only drawing once 😵 !

Thanks to everybody that tuned in, especially to Philipp who booked a room for us despite the spontaneity of the event. We’re looking forward to organising further similar (free) events during this semester.

Final ranking. The top 3 players received a small prize.